The LGBTQ Artists Who Inspire Wreckno, EDM's Glitter-Dipped Disruptor-in-Chief

In today’s world, where authenticity often takes a backseat to mirror-maze social media manipulation, Wreckno‘s unapologetic embrace of their identity has helped carve out a space for LGBTQ artists to thrive.

An outspoken advocate of LGBTQ rights, the Class of 2022 star is going scorched earth—like they do every Pride Month—after releasing a new single, “Party Girl.”

Wreckno’s braggadocious bars flow like honey down a spoon, providing the rhythmic intravenous drip for this slice of dancefloor euphoria. A Pride anthem through and through, the audacious hip-house banger will appear on a new EP this summer by way of the venerable Helix Records.

The triple-threat DJ, producer and rapper is now gearing up to debut their very own Pride event, “Wreckno’s Big Gay Soirée,” in Denver. Scheduled for June 20th, the summer bash will feature performances by Wreckno, Kaleena Zanders, So Sus, Ava Sparks and a special guest as well as drag performances from Aja and LaLa Ri of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Tickets are on sale now. But before then, read on to discover the songs and artists that continue to inspire Wreckno, in their own words.

Brooke Candy — “Das Me”

Brooke Candy was the first artist I discovered that was reclaiming homophobic slurs and making them badass to identify with. This song awakened something in me as a teenager that told me, “You can be a badass out loud and proud queer person without shame!”

Mykki Blanco — “Haze.Boogie.Life”

Mykki Blanco is another artist from my teen Tumblr years that really helped shape what I wanted to exude as an artist. Mykki’s sharp lyricism and wit always spoke to me as well as their iconic fashion sense.

Ashnikko — “Working Bitch”

I discovered Ashnikko through the Internet just before she popped off in 2020. I remember feeling so enamored with the cadence of her voice and her cheeky punchlines. She is everything!

Ethel Cain — “Hard Times”

In the last year I have become absolutely obsessed with Ethel Cain. While you don’t normally hear soft and beautiful sad songs from the Wreckno project, I am beyond inspired by her work and others that exist in that realm of music.

Lady Gaga — “Alice”

What can I say about Gaga. She is everything to me. She is why I wanted to become a performer! I lost touch with the Little Monster in me while I focused on EDM for a long time. When she released her album Chromatica, I found my way back. This opening track of the album took me back to that teenager that was jumping around my bedroom doing her choreography, and reminded me why I got into music. I love her so much!

FLETCHER — “Forever (SOPHIE Remix)”

SOPHIE is such an inspiration to me when it comes to production. I have a photo of her hanging in my studio to remind me of the LGBTQ trailblazers that have come before me, that left such a special impact on music. I think of her whenever I feel like I’m not good enough to make memorable music. We love and miss you SOPHIE.

Moore Kismet & Pauline Herr — “You Should Run”

Moore Kismet is one of my favorite LGBTQ+ acts in music. Not only do they make incredible tunes, but they’re an angel of a human. I’m stoked to say we have a track dropping at the end of Pride Month too!

Cakes da Killa — “Don Dada”

Cakes da Killa is another queer rapper I grew up adoring. His flow, wit, cadence and style speak for themselves. I got to be on a track with him and Mija last year and it was a dream come true!

Chase Icon — “Like Me”

What can I say about Chase Icon. She’s just that girl! I’ve been obsessed with her witty lyrics and smooth glossy vocals ever since she went from Twitter celeb to pop girlie. Chase Iconic SuperSonic!

Chappel Roan — “Femininomenon”

Last but definitely not least, it’s 2024’s IT GIRL, Chappel Roan! I first heard her debut album at the beginning of this year, and as soon as this track started I was hooked. “Hit it like Rumpapapum, get it hot like papa John!” I was obsessed with that lyric! I would rap that. She is everything. Superstar.

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